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There are people who can make an explainer video for your project for $100 or less than $1000. Although this sounds great, low cost explainer videos may cost you more! Read and find out why!

So, you have decided to create your own explainer video and now you are looking for a professional assistance. There are lots of options you could use at this point. There are people who can create an explainer video for you for $100 or less than $1000. Even though this sounds like an incredible deal, we highly recommend you to stay away from people who convince you that they can make you a great explainer video for a few hundreds of dollars. The truth is that these videos will cost you more than videos from an experienced, reputable, and qualified company. Here is why:

First of all, searching for the right freelancer is not as easy as it sounds. It is a complicated task as you will have to play the role of hiring manager, going through different animators, interviewing them, reviewing their examples, and deciding whether or not they worth it. The guys who say that will make an explainer video for cheap, are usually working on their own and generally are located offshore. In this case, there are delays, language barriers, and time differences. All of these factors, make the communication much more difficult. Also, there is no guarantee that your money is well-invested and safe and that they will remain available until the project is one. Let’s assume that you have found a good worker who claims that he can create an amazing explainer video for you. You’ve decided to move forward with production and make this project done. At a reputable video production company, it takes a whole team of people to create one video. There are project managers, script writers, illustrators, creative directors, animators, sound engineers, voiceover artists, and etc. The freelancer you have found fit one of these roles, he simply cannot be expert in every field. So guess who ends up editing and doing the rest of the work? Well, it is you. You will be stuck with editing the video, changing it, until it sounds properly for you to launch it online. Sometimes, you will have to hire extra people to do this for you and because freelancers are usually animators who might not understand your concept, the creative side of the video is always left up to you.But remember that it is important to how to clearly articulate an idea or tell a story with your video.

Now come the questions – How much is an hour of your time worth? We assume that you have to focus on running your business or running a marketing campaign and you can simply avoid your responsibilities just because the video is not good enough and now you have to spend time taking care of it. Let’s say that you have found an honest freelancer and you have invested a lot of effort and time to get through production. In this case, what do you end up with? In this case, prepare for low-quality production, animation errors, shoddy writing, stock graphics that can be found on the internet, and etc. Remember putting a high-quality video can do wonders for your reputation and brand image and putting low-quality and low cost explainer videos will do the opposite. Hiring a freelancer might seem like a nice deal, but keep in mind that the costs may go far beyond the price tag. Our advice is to choose a professional company to get the job done! Stay away from low cost explainer videos and focus on creating high-quality and professionally done videos only!