Few of The Best Animation Software Options for making Explainer Videos

If you are in need of a tool that will really help you get your point across or present a new product or idea to an audience, then explainer videos are definitely the way to go. There are several different types of explainers that you can use and they are all extremely helpful tools to use, and probably the best part about this is the fact that explainers are fairly easy to make, especially if you use the right software. In this article we are going to give you three great software options that you should definitely take a look at when you want to make an explainer, so make sure to keep on reading to find out what they are.


If you are done with boring Power Point presentations, then an explainer is definitely the next best thing, and thanks to PowToon you will be able to make one for free online. This free online software will let you create the coolest animated explainers out there and if you think that it being free is the best part about it, then you are wrong. The best part is actually that the software is incredibly easy to work with, thanks to the drag and drop tool, and that it offers tons of ready-made templates that you can use in order to create really high quality animations.


While this software isn’t free to use, the upside of that is that you will be paying for something that is very special. GoAnimate will allow you to make explainer videos that are extremely professional looking and you will be able to do so very quickly. The software comes with great templates that are highly and easily convertible and that definitely makes the job even easier.


One of the best kinds of explainers are whiteboard explainers and one of the best software solutions that you can use for making them is RawShorts. This is a DIY whiteboard animation creator that has some really creative graphic templates that cover a lot of different categories which means that you can use this software regardless of the topic of the explainer. The software also offers some great transitions and effects that you can use which will help you make the video even more impressive.

Regardless of the type of explainer video that you want to make, if there is one thing that you can be sure about is that there will be a software out there that will make things much easier for you. We hope that the software options we mentioned today will help you out and that they will be just what you need to make some great explainer videos.

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