If you are traveling through California and love the theater, we have great musicals you can watch. In fact, we have so many things happening at the same time you will be lost because of the number of options. In this article, we will discuss a few fun musicals available in 2019 in California.

1. Falsetto

Set in the late 70s New York, Falsetto tells the story of a married man who falls for another man. Marvin leaves his wife for Whizzer and tries to recreate a familiar household by pushing his new boyfriend into a housemaker’s role. To complicate things further, his son is confused about his two dads and Marvin’s former wife finds an admirer in his psychiatrist. Falsetto returns to Broadway after a successful tour in 2017 and will be staged at the Golden Gate Theatre.

2. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory will come to California in April as a part of its yearlong tour of the United States. Initially, the show premiered in London’s West End and was a roaring success. The musical won two Olivier Awards and ran with a packed house for years. You can watch a funny show at the Golden Gate Theatre.

3. Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots has won 6 Tony awards to date and will be available in Pantages Theater Hollywood for a few days in February. If you love musical comedies, you will enjoy this show. Based on a true story, this musical is heartwarming, sassy and hilarious. Tickets are limited, and the number of shows is very few, so book it now.

4. Singin’ in the Rain

If you crave for some nostalgia, check out Singin’ in the Rain in La Mirada Theatre. The 1952 classic movie is famous for its umbrellas and lampposts and song and dance sequences. It will be available during the first week of May.