The world of cinema revolves around Hollywood. The tinsel town has often been the torchbearer for the movie industry as most of the big production houses are located around the city of dreams. But surprisingly, California’s theater world is underrated. In fact, it does not even get mentioned in the list of top three theaters in the world. Is there a logical reason behind this? We will try to investigate why California is underrated in the world of Theater.

California is one of the most diverse states in the United States. It is home for Silicon Valley, the Stanford and is considered as one of the most progressive states. The number of undocumented immigrants from South and Central America as well as Asia is one of the highest of all states. Even across generations, immigrants prefer to watch movies than plays. While this may appear as stereotyping, statistics suggest there is a correlation between the two.

Although there is a significant number of theater lovers, the number of movies goers is far bigger. As a result, big cities like Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have more movies theaters than play theaters.

Even though there are several good theaters and Drama schools in the state, their efforts are not significant enough to make California as a powerhouse of theater productions.

There is also the impact of Hollywood. The number of people wanting to become an actor in Tinsel town is far higher than the number of people keen on a Broadway career. In fact, those who are keen on theater, end up moving to the east coast because New York is the only place that can fight with London’s West End when it comes to theater productions.